Fanny’s Farm Treehouse Connecting Hearts

There's no WiFi - talk to each other!
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The best places are those, which leave us good memories. The unique treehouse built on Fanny’s Farm in England is that very venue. It is attended by thousands visitors and described as a fabulous, extraordinary, bizarre, vintage, surreal, but absolutely lovely one. It was created to connect hearts. The sign nearby reads: ‘There’s no WiFi – talk to each other!’

How It Looks

So, what does the treehouse look like? Let’s go upstairs and view all the charm of the high house.

This is a small but cozy wooden hut built around the tree so that you can observe the trunk and branches inside. It does not have any mains electricity. Instead of that visitors enjoy natural day lighting or candlelight in the evenings.

The furniture is a bit old-fashioned, even vintage, but comfortable. The staff pay more attention to serving a table and decorations. As the treehouse is booked for different events, it should look unusual and welcoming. This idea is implemented in every square meter of the apartment.

The house has a good location. It overlooks the kitchen garden, which makes visitors feel peaceful like at home.

Why to Visit the Treehouse

People order the treehouse for special occasions or having rest in an interesting place.

Cream teas. It is famous as a tea room where guests enjoy afternoon cream tea and special treat. They call it ‘having high or top tea’. People come here to relax, have English tea in a delightful cup and try home-cooked pastry. A wide range of snacks are available. Visitors are offered traditional scones, delicious cakes called lemon drizzles, puddings and famous local marmalade.

Weddings. Another popular way to use the treehouse is for wedding ceremonies. Fanny’s high house hosted hundreds of couples. Brides and grooms book it to arrange small weddings with relatives and friends. They often try to look as extraordinary as the place they chose for marrying each other. On one of the weddings the groom was wearing pink socks whereas her future wife came to the altar in her sneakers.

Birthday parties. The treehouse is a perfect birthday party venue. The entire look of this fairy-tale house says: ‘Kids, come in and entertain yourself!’ Its cozy atmosphere and many bizarre things make children excited and simply happy. They always have fun and get positive experience in this wonderful eccentric place.

Family gatherings. The treehouse is loved by families. Grandparents come here with grandchildren. Parents take kids to the unusual site to show something new. All in all, a big family as well as several generations are together enjoying the company of each other.

Rest with friends. Sitting with good friends in a warm environment makes friends comfortable to chat and exchange opinions. There is no noise or pesky waiters here. Both youngsters and old friends come to the treehouse to have a heart-to-heart talk.

Own Your Treehouse

The treehouse near Fanny’s Farm Shop is unique. Nevertheless, you can buy a very similar ready for living and hosting treehouse in England, France, Spain etc. For example, you can look at examples of such apartment in Barcelona. It may become an outstanding site of your garden, the playground for kids or business start-up like at Fanny’s place. The quantity of treehouses is limited, so go and get it for reasonable prices.

Treehouses are popular among private house owners and help entrepreneurs do a profitable business. Whatever your goal is, take into account the story of the fabulous house on a tree, which was once built by Fanny Maiklem and became the favourite place for thousands people.