Traditional Treehouse Tea Ceremonies within the Surrey Hills

What Is Special about Treehouse Tea

English afternoon tea is associated with etiquette, rules and old traditions. This British custom appeared in the 19th century when people used to eat twice a day – early in the morning and late in the evening. One of the British Duchesses established an afternoon tea ceremony to have a snack between main meals. Times […]

Fanny’s Farm Shop – an Ideal Place to Have a Cup of Tea and a Piece of Cake

Fanny's Farm Shop

Thinking of visiting England in the near future? Or just looking for a cosy place to spend the next weekend, to have a cup of tea, and walk around? Place Fanny’s Farm Shop in your list as the quietest and loveliest place to stop by. The Atmosphere and the Menu History Fanny’s Farm Shop is […]

Events that took place in the Fanny’s Farm Shop

Fanny's Farm Shop

The famous Fanny’s Farm Shop was situated on the Markedge Lane, Merstham. It has become a very popular place among local dwellers, drivers, cyclists and travelers that heard about the Farm Shop of Fanny Maiklem. Fanny established this place as a grocery to sell surplus products produced by her family. That were courgettes, runner beans, […]

Fanny’s Farm Shop: Flavor of Famous Place

Fanny's Farm Shop

Markedge Lane, Merstham, has already become a legendary place, indeed. That was a secret cozy location for hundreds of people that lived nearby, cyclists and drivers, and those who traveled abroad. Famous Fanny’s Farm Shop was opened in 1979 by an ordinary woman Fanny Maiklem. She decided to start her own farm shop which became […]