Events that took place in the Fanny’s Farm Shop

Fanny's Farm Shop
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The famous Fanny’s Farm Shop was situated on the Markedge Lane, Merstham. It has become a very popular place among local dwellers, drivers, cyclists and travelers that heard about the Farm Shop of Fanny Maiklem. Fanny established this place as a grocery to sell surplus products produced by her family. That were courgettes, runner beans, gladioli homemade things such as jam pots, cheese, and canning.

After the place grew from a simple local food shop to a dining premise, a lot of people tended to have family celebrations at Funny`s place. Birthday parties, weddings or holidays like Easter, Halloween, Mother s Day, etc.

Why do people celebrate holidays here?

People came here from distant places for the atmosphere, to relax and have a good homemade food: cheese, smoked meats & fish, fresh salad, handmade crisps and ice cream. And cakes! They were really very delicious here. Fanny always cared about the atmosphere of this place and made a good accommodation for her guests. She was in love what she did and change the house next to the sea for a small family place in the middle of the Surrey Hills.


As far as the Fanny`s Shop is oriented on the local food it became mostly fruitful at the end of summer and the middle of autumn. There were so many fresh vegetables from the Fanny`s field and other family manufacturers in the radius of 20-miles that supplied their products to the Farm Shop.

Halloween became not an exception because a lot of people were here exploring the best samples and enjoying the feast. Jumping to the October 30th, we have found on Rebecca Blog a small photo report from the Halloween held at the Fanny`s Farm Shop. Actually, Pinterest will give you a plenty of photos, made during the Mother`s Day and romantic couple photos at the St. Valentine`s. People loved visiting Fanny, because it was always a holiday.

Easter week was as well the very honorable event at the Fanny`s place. If it would be possible to come there this year we would recommend to try that delicious seasonal homemade cream teas, cakes and marmalade of course for toast or do not be confused for sausages even. Easter brought to the menu cupcakes and delicious Simnel that were slightly-melting cream sweeties best that you could ever try.

Fanny Maiklem often appeared on the South Counties radio, telling about her place, life and sharing the secrets of winning marmalade awards. That jam pots were really special and delicious.

 Marmalade competition event

On June 2015 Fanny Maiklem had passed as well Fanny`s Shop was closed later on September, 12.

Even after this, the memory about this fabulous woman and her fancy place is encrypted in the history. The prestigious marmalade competition devoted to Fanny has created 2 years ago due to support of the Fanny s daughter Nellie together with Paul Baker from Kinghams Restaurant, Silent Pool Distillers and Two Many Cooks king of marmalade, Paul and Joanna. It takes place at the Farm Shop.

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