Fanny’s Farm Shop – an Ideal Place to Have a Cup of Tea and a Piece of Cake

Fanny's Farm Shop
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Thinking of visiting England in the near future? Or just looking for a cosy place to spend the next weekend, to have a cup of tea, and walk around? Place Fanny’s Farm Shop in your list as the quietest and loveliest place to stop by.

The Atmosphere and the Menu


Fanny’s Farm Shop is a family shop with a long history. It was first open in distant 1979 by Fanny Maiklem. The place is very interesting as it was used as a farm, a shop, a tea room, and a wedding venue. It is a unique little hideaway, which is ideal to visit when the trees and flowers bloom. This time of the year the beauty of the place is fully felt. Fanny’s Farm Shop is like a secret garden with hidden treasures, interesting for children and adults as well. It is a magnificent combination of cheerful atmosphere and delightful homemade cuisine.

Food and Drinks

Fanny’s Farm Shop is a fantastic place for the afternoon tea and a piece of unique homemade cake. The setting around is very calming, creating the atmosphere of your own home and fruit garden far from the busy cities. The visitors are welcomed to try seasonal dishes with current vegetables and fruits. Fresh salads and handmade crisps will be to the taste of everyone. But this is not what Fanny’s Farm Shop is famous for. Thousands of people come to the region only to try a well-known marmalade, which is served particularly here. Everything is served in small, delicate cups on small vintage plates, spiced with lots love and respect. In colder seasons, you can have a sip of tea with jam or a piece of cake outside, cuddling in a cosy blanket.

Thinking about Fanny’s Farm Shop sweet menu makes everyone’s mouth watering: cream tea, cakes in the cups, scones with cream and jam, marmalade, chocolate cakes, clotted cream, and much more.

A Place for Everyone

It is interesting how a simple place of food and nature has become something suitable and enjoyable for everyone. It is both good for spending time with your family as well as leaving some time for yourself. Fanny’s Farm Shop is a combination of weird decorations, gorgeous settings, old fashioned stuff, and absolutely delicious food.

If you decide to visit Fanny’s Farm Shop one day, don’t miss a chance to try a famous marmalade served with a delicious scone and a cup of tea in vintage china. And, of course, go to the small tree house, which is definitely big enough to seat more than 10 people at the same time.

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  1. It would be good to create a catalog of such places, institutions for all of England. So that every tourist who comes, could find it on the Internet, come and feel the spirit of England.

  2. Such institutions very much reveal the history and mentality of England. Many tourists really should be all this interesting.

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