Traditional Treehouse Tea Ceremonies within the Surrey Hills

What Is Special about Treehouse Tea
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English afternoon tea is associated with etiquette, rules and old traditions. This British custom appeared in the 19th century when people used to eat twice a day – early in the morning and late in the evening. One of the British Duchesses established an afternoon tea ceremony to have a snack between main meals. Times changed but the custom is still alive and gets more popular, especially on the Fanny’s Farm within the Surrey Hills, where lovely cream teas are served in a quirky tree-house.

What Is Special about Treehouse Tea

Tea ceremonies in a tree-house became a local point of interest attracting people from other regions of Great Britain and tourists from overseas. What is special about it? Several things will not leave you indifferent, namely:

  • atmosphere
  • snacks
  • organic products

A cozy space. Visitors come to have their afternoon teas in the treehouse for various reasons. Most people are eager to feel an eccentricity and home-like climate of this resting spot. It hugely differs from the tea rooms like the Ritz or Hotel Café Royal in London. A little house on the tree with simple furniture looks extraordinary but welcoming. In the Fanny’s treehouse guests enjoy tea and dishes with the closest ones like spouses, children, grandchildren and friends. It is a very intimate place where people can appreciate family cohesion, feel the spirit of inner peace and life fullness.

Snacks. Tourists usually believe that only here they can try a genuine cream tea with home-made specialities. If you ask for a snack, you will be offered culinary masterpieces checked up with the time. They are traditionally:

  • marmalade and jams
  • lemon curds
  • unique cakes
  • scones
  • season pies

Organic food. Drinking a cup of tea and biting a piece of a cake, we normally do not think about what they are made of. In fact, it does matter, and owners of the farm take care of visitors’ health. Fanny Maiklem, the founder of this small family business, has got an agricultural education. So herbs, vegetables, fruits are grown in an organic way. Even eggs used for cooking pies come from the chicken living on the farm.

Not Only Tea

If a friend of yours invites you for a tea in a treehouse, do not hesitate to agree because “tea” means much more than it seems to be. Besides traditional cream tea you can enjoy a full lunch with ploughman’s quiches and season meals.

Guests are welcomed to go on the ceremony at home. They can buy frozen croissants or pain au chocolats that are easy to bake in the oven.

The many people, the many ways to drink tea. The treehouse traditions are bizarre but loved by lots of visitors. Just choose what is up to you and go ahead!

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  1. Yes, it is considered a historical place. I have been there for a long time, but I really liked it. The tea I drank there probably does not produce anywhere in the world.

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